Start Something Big - A Look Back

Published 01/10 2014 01:41PM

Updated 01/10 2014 02:54PM

"I've really been waiting a long time to see if anybody wants me", says Demetrius, who has been waiting about a year.  He's in the 6th grade, but already is sure he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.  He hopes he and a Big could go out to eat, play at an arcade, or go to a museum.

Christopher is a smart and funny 4th grader.  He's been waiting over two years for a Big.  His favorite sport is football, but no matter what he's doing, he likes to have fun.  When it comes to a Big, Christopher hopes to find a friend.

"Be nice to me and take me everywhere, wherever he wants and like, get to know each other."

Sa'Naih is seven years old.  She likes school, especially when she gets to be creative.

"I like music class, gym class, and art class", she says. She hopes to eventually join choir and band.

Brandon is in the 6th grade and likes history and sports.  He's been waiting around two years for a Big.  He would like a Big Brother who could help him expand his horizons.

"So I could do different things with because sometimes I get bored at home."

To get more information about being a Big to Demetrius, Christopher, Sa'Naih, or Brandon, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 456-1600.

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