Bowl For Kids Sake Fundraiser


Published 02/21 2014 02:06PM

Updated 02/21 2014 02:16PM

Helping children in the community is the goal of Big Brothers Big Sisters, a goal made possible by those that participate in their yearly "Bowl For Kids Sake" fundraiser. 

This is their largest fundraiser and last year they raised $180,000.  This year the goal is $250,000. 

WFFT is participating this year as we help to raise money.  WFFT's Brooke Welch spoke with the Director of Marketing and Recruitment Eric Pulley about how bowling now, will have a huge impact in a child's life later.

"I think the biggest thing that can be seen in the community is what you see everyday on the news, when it comes to children, we're helping to minimize that."

There are plenty of statistics to back Eric's claims.  Kelly Grantham has been a big for 7 months and has seen firsthand how mentoring a child can increase a child's confidence.

"That's by far the biggest change we've seen in him.  He's already thinking about college and he's just 13 years old."

Grantham also participated in the bowling event last year and said it was a great time.

"It's a fun experience.  You get 2 games of free bowling, and you just go to have a party with all of your Big Brothers Big Sisters friends."

They encourage everyone signed up to raise $100 a person and Eric gives advice on how you can easily raise the funds.

"Fundraising is not nearly as hard as most people think.  Take that web link and email it, put it on social media to everyone you know and typically within hours, you can have raise well over a couple hundred dollars actually."

Bowl For Kids Sake still has lanes open for anyone wanting to participate.  The fundraiser began last week and runs through March 22.  If you want to sign up you can go to Big Brothers Big Sister's website here.

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