Hometown Hero - Veterans Helping Veterans

Published 06/23 2014 02:24PM

Updated 06/23 2014 02:44PM

In this week's Hometown Hero report, we look at veterans helping veterans as a young woman says she was shocked to see so much support after posting on Facebook asking for help to repair her father's roof.

Dozens of people showed up, including members of the Patriot Guard, to fix the Korean War Veteran's roof at no cost to the family.

"So here we are, 10 days later after I wrote a letter, my dad's getting a new roof."

In April, Korean War Veteran James Yaney was diagnosed with cancer. 

"It was decided it was fairly progressed a lot of thoughts and prayers, we decided we weren't going to treat it."

Financially, Bernadette says it was too great of a stress to fix her father's leaky roof so she posted on Facebook asking for help.

"Within an hour, the Patriot Guard called me and said, 'We're going to be at your house at 2:00pm, are you going to be there?' I said yes, they said 'Your dad, he's a Korean War vet?' I said yes.  They said, "that's our brother and we'll take care of it'."

Over the next few days, Bernadette says she received calls and donations from churches, veterans, and other organizations.

"When my dad found out he was pretty upset but then when I told him it was the Patriot Guard and a bunch of American Veterans he said 'okay, I can do that'."

"They said it's all about veterans helping veterans and when they said veterans I couldn't help but say God do it."

The Patriot Guard donated $400 dollars for the roof.  A VA Service Officer called Bernadette to make sure James was getting his VA benefits.  Other veterans offered to bring friends to help with the construction.

"A couple of Bernadette's doctors she works with donated $1,000. $50 here. $100 there. $20 here, $20 there.  We're getting real close to our goal, we're probably going to hit our mark."

This week WFFT salutes James Yaney and the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders in this week's Hometown Hero report. 

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