Hometown Hero - Ride for Vets

Published 05/05 2014 11:50AM

Updated 05/05 2014 11:58AM

A local motorcycle ride honored veterans and we are featuring a couple of those veterans in this Hometown Hero report.

Almost 150 motorcycles and hundreds of supporters. The 5th annual ride by the Ehlerding Harley Davidson store in New Haven, remembering our veterans.

Local veteran Edward Klotz came to represent Post 330 in New Haven, which he serves as Commander.

"I was in the Marine Corp for 2 years during Vietnam and spent time overseas."

Klotz is appreciative of events like this because of all he and other veterans sacrifice.

"Left my child to serve my country.  My dad passed away when I was in bootcamp.  Sometimes the veterans are forgotten about and this helps people remember what our veterans are doing and what they did."

Klotz is the son of a veteran.  His father James Klotz was in the Army during World War II.  Although he wasn't there when his father passed away, their memory stones at Schnelker Park are next to each other.

Dozens of veterans showed up to the ride including Michael Marcum.

"I joined the Navy right out of High School in 1993."

Marcum served in the Navy for 2 years.  He says those couple years away from home changed him for the good.

"It had a big impact on me, honestly, at the time I didn't see.  I was a young kid and wanted to go back home."

Little did he know that experience in the Navy would impact the rest of his life.

"Last March of 2013, I've actually gone back out to the Air National Guard and reenlisted in the service after being out for 18 years."

Marcum is currently Senior Vice Commander for the local Disabled American Veterans.  He devotes his time and energy to helping wounded vets.

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