Hometown Hero - Major Eric Marhover

Published 07/08 2013 12:07PM

Updated 07/08 2013 03:24PM

We salute Major Eric Marhover in the US Army who left for Kuwait for 1 year on his 3rd deployment as we witnessed the emotional sendoff from his wife and two kids.

Major Marhover gives hugs to his wife and kids and boards a flight from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis. He has served 2 tours already in Iraq and Afghanistan as a military police officer. For the next 12 months he will be overseas in Kuwait.

Marhover says, "It's good that we were able to spend the Fourth of July together, leaving the day after and hopefully if things work out right I will be coming back around this time next year."

The transition has been hard for Marhover's children but his wife Melanie says she couldn't be more proud.

Melanie says, "I'm always proud of you." to her husband Eric which replies, "It makes me proud to know they're proud of me."

The Marhovers have been married for 11 years and their anniversary is July 6th, one day after Marhover leaves.

"We had a fun little vacation by ourselves since he'd leave before our anniversary together."

Even though he is thousands of miles away, Major Marhover plans to stay in close contact with his kids.

He says, "We will do Skype and Facetime as well and perhaps read a book or two to them and record that."

Little Adelynn Marhover (age 6) says, "He reads me stories, rubs my back, and plays Barbies with me."

Melanie says the transition will be more difficult this deployment because the kids are older.

Little Zack Marhover (age 9) says, "He's in the Army and the Military." Followed by Adelynn yelling, "and he saves the day!"

The post that they live on helps the family with little chores that make a huge difference.

Marhover says, "The insulation's really great. For example, in the winter when the snow is falling the workers will come out and plow the snow for her so she can focus on the kids."

Major Marhover says that even though this will be his 3rd deployment, the separation from his family is still a struggle.

"My last deployment I came back and she was only a couple years old and him only a few older than that, so I don't think she remembers a whole lot with me being gone so this one's going to be more difficult with them being older."

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