Hometown Hero - Larry Bowyer

Published 06/16 2014 01:40PM

Updated 06/25 2014 01:39AM

We're saluting Vietnam veteran Larry Bowyer, a Garrett resident who has sacrificed for both his family and his country. 

"I do consider him a hero."

Samantha Kimpel nominated her grandfather.

Larry worked as a Navy Hospital Coreman in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  He was also attached to the US Marine Corps for 14 months along the Cambodian border.

"We treated patients that came in.  Kids, women, men, and shrapnel wounds, infections, you name it we take care of them here."

Many Vietnam veterans didn't get a warm welcome when they returned home.

"It was a different kind of war than what we've got going on today."

Samantha wants her grandfather to be recognized for his sacrifice.

"I've read things about when my grandpa served and how they were treated and how things went on and I thought he should be one of the ones to be thanked now since he didn't get it then."

WFFT is proud to honor our Hometown Hero of the week, Larry Bowyer.

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