Hometown Hero - First Sergeant Garry Murdock

Published 07/14 2014 02:02PM

Updated 07/14 2014 02:18PM

We're recognizing First Sergeant Garry Murdock from Decatur.

"It was a challenge and I love challenges so I decided to join the services.  I talked to the different branches and I ended up joining the Army."

First Sergeant Garry Murdock decided to join the military at just 17 years old.

"Probably the highlights were doing the humanitarian side of the missions, during Katrina, Rita, the floods down in Decatur, helping people out."

Garry has served 33 years in the military and will soon retire.  He served 15 months in Afghanistan in 2007 and also worked with the Soldier Exchange Program for several years with British and Slovakian soldiers.

"I think it's very important that we recognize our service members both who are serving overseas during the combat zones and those who support that mission going on overseas."

Military service runs in the Murdock family.  Garry's son is also a Staff Sergeant in the Army.

"It was a shock to both me and his mother because he at one point said he wasn't doing it then another he says he was shipping off to basic training."

Garry's daughter Amanda nominated him to be this week's Hometown Hero.

"They deal with things on a daily basis that we as civilians don't understand and they face the nightmares that we don't have to face and I think that just a little bit of recognition goes a very long way for them."

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