Hometown Hero - Bultemeyer Family

Published 05/12 2014 01:42PM

Updated 05/12 2014 01:59PM

We are honoring the Bultemeyer family from Decatur as this family of 4 has served nearly a century in the military.

There's Fritz Bultemeyer, his wife Louann, and their two sons Von and Jared.  All together, they've served 95 years in the military.

"The military to me teaches a lot of good things.  Self confidence, leadership, gives them a skill and gives them guidance for their future."

Fritz just retired from the Army 1 year ago as a Command Sergeant Major.  The Decatur native spent more than 40 years in the military, including several deployments.

"Afghanistan was 2004, Qatar was 2006, and Vietnam in 67-68."

Fritz's wife Louann is also a retired Command Sergeant Major with 27 years of service.

"I deployed to Bosnia, Croatia in 96-97 and the rest of my time was served mostly in the Army Reserve."

Then there's the two sons.  Von, a former Sergeant First Class with 16 years of service, and Jared, a Sergeant who is currently in the military with 12 years of service.

"I worked in tech, fixed tanks.  I was in Reserve until I went to Afghanistan for 10 months."

"We have always told them if you want to serve, great.  We'd support them if they didn't that was fine too."

You could say patriotism is in their blood.

"We're very proud of them and I feel better that they're getting well trained before the deployments."

Was it forced on the two youngest because mom and dad were long time military members?

"Joke about military beds."

Von was deployed to Croatia and twice to Guantanamo Bay as a military police officer and Assistant Inspector General.  The youngest son Jared spent 2012-2013 in Afghanistan.

"I joined on accident, it was kind of reverse psychology."

This week we are honoring this whole family, who do not consider themselves heroes but patriots who are serving our country.

"They're my heroes, it means more when it comes from my family."

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