Hometown Hero - Adam Hile

Published 09/09 2013 01:45PM

Updated 09/09 2013 01:55PM

We introduce you to Adam Hile, a member of the National Guard who has served a tour in Iraq.  Not only did Adam serve our country overseas, he is also a local hero for a courageous act earlier this year.

Trina Hile, Adam's mother says, "He's always been a very sweet kid, very quiet."

Trina describes her son as a loving kid with a big heart.

"He came to me at work one day and said, 'what would you think if I joined the National Guard?' and I said, 'well you know how I feel but if that's what you want to do' and he said 'well, that's good because I already signed the papers'."

In 2010, at just 20 years old, Adam unenrolled from Ball State and enlisted in the National Guard.  Adam served in Iraq in 2011 where he provided security for convoys.

"I knew she'd be really worried about me, but she'd be there for me."

Adam was assigned to a troop in Bluffton.  In May of this year, Adam stopped to refuel a Humvee in Marion Country when he witnessed a serious car accident.

"It was about 4 or 5 of us who jumped in our humvees and headed over there and she was in really bad shape when we found her."

Lauren Deen had rear-ended a semi on I-69.  She ended up with a laceration across her neck, her car completely destroyed.  Adam's training from the National Guard kept Lauren from bleeding out until paramedics arrived.

"The National Guard is pretty much what saved me", says Lauren, "They came to visit me two nights in the hospital."

Adam and several other service members attended Lauren's graduation just days after the accident.  Lauren says she is forever grateful to the group of men who saved her life.

"A big thank you for my family, they're happy I made it through.  Thank you for that."

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