It's the cashier at the grocery store who always cheers you up. The hair stylist who listens and gives advice like an old friend. The barista at your favorite coffee shop who always remembers exactly what you want, even before you order it! Or maybe the teacher who's extra patient and caring to help your son or daughter succeed. 

To some it's just a job, but to others it's a chance to help make a difference. To help people and the communities they serve. We all know hardworking, dedicated folks like these who go above and beyond. Unsung workers we encounter every day..who truly make a difference. The O'Daniel Automotive Group together with K105 and WFFT Fox want to help recognize the people who make a difference in our community.

The O'Daniel Excellence Award is presented to individuals in our community that provide excellent customer service. Is there someone you'd like recognized for their hard work, positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile? Fill out the form below and tell us about them. Twice a month we'll select a winner and award them with a trophy and prizes. It's our way to recognize those in our community who enrich the lives they touch.